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Inspirational Message from Alexandra Kosteniuk

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An Inspirational Message from Alexandra Kosteniuk "I would like to wish everybody to be happy, not to be afraid of having a challenging goal in life, because the more you try to get, the more you will likely achieve. Nothing in this life is trivial, it all depends on you, who you will become, and what you will have done."

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Chess Not Checkers, Sucka
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Kosteniuk - Polgar 1-0
time: 00:13:36
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Blitz Korotylev - Kosteniuk
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Kosteniuk gives Beginners Chess Lesson
time: 00:28:43
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Comments on Corsica 2009 (French)
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Kosteniuk Martigny 2009 (French)
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Kosteniuk's Simul in Nashville
time: 00:04:11
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Interview Pierre Meylan (French)
time: 00:02:40
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Zhensky Vzgliad Oxany Pushkinoi (Russian)
time: 00:25:58
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Kosteniuk on CBS
time: 00:03:55
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Kosteniuk on FOX TV
time: 00:03:56
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Kosteniuk World Champion (English)
time: 00:09:59
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Blitz Stefanova-Kosteniuk 3
time: 00:09:35
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Blitz Stefanova-Kosteniuk 2
time: 00:09:44
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Blitz Stefanova-Kosteniuk 1
time: 00:09:58
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Intro to Alexandra Kosteniuk World Champion
time: 00:02:13
size: 20.6Mb
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Mind Games 2008 Beijing (Russian)
time: 00:02:48
size: 13.9Mb
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